Cadet Quotes

This section is for funny quotes that you or your fellow cadets have said throughout the past year. If you have any you'd like to submit, submit them in a comment on the guestbook!

C/ Herradura: "The dry cleaners gave my uniform to someone else"

Unknown: "There was pee on my uniform."

C/ Bui, Khoi: "In 1995, my dad rode i meant i rode my dad"
C/SCPO Drobot: "Whats an attack plane?"
C/ Nguyen, A.: "A fighter plane."

C/ENS Hoang: "How many belt loops do you have?"
C/ Paneda: "Mam, 8 Mam!"
C/ENS Hoang: "What do they stand for?"
C/ Paneda: "Mam, The 7 Seas Mam!"

C/ Tran J.: "I don't like wearing pants because it give me a wedgie"(comparing uniform pants to skirts"

SNSI: "Fang, how many sit and reaches does the field manual say you have to do for your age/gender?"
C/ Fang: "Sir, 40, Sir?"